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Paul Okoye Loses $300 to Gambling In Las Vegas

Paul of Psquare who is currently in Las Vegas for Vacation recently took to instagram to share a casino receipt which shows that the superstar had lost $300 in gambling where he won only 25 cent. The singer shared the photo with so many hashtags in his caption  referring to Casino business as scam. He wrote;

😒🙄 after spending $300 on #gambling …I won 25cents 😡 ndioshi !!! Oloshi !!! Barawo !!! #yahoomachine 😡#scam #yahooplus.. the funny thin is that u will just be getting some free shayo🍺 and na fine girls dey in charge for table 😒with all de disco light 😏 u go just de mumu de go 🙄

This sparked a lot of comments among his fans and followers. While other sympathized with him, other criticized his action as they termed it “waste of money” see their comments below;

@luchitricia10 said “So you go there to gamble to win millions of dollars upon the one you have?ok na kontinu there is god in everything your doing @rudeboypsquaremore.’’
@preshzarah_, “U would have given me that money to do better things with it @rudeboypsquare wah a waste.’’

@nature_amy wrote, “In my country that’s about 30k. These celebrities are so stupid, u can spend that much on gambling but can’t use it to change someone’s life out there… Son of a …’’

@temmybehi said, “No vex. If I say dash me now you no go gree. Kpele’’
@desperateisaac  “Nah good for you @rudeboypsquare How I wish I beg u nah nkor?.’’

@ange_gabrielfr “Aria casino is dangerous for your money’’,
@theoranking7065  “Na ur desriny’’
@see_babazi  “I feel your pains.’’
@slimsharon “This got me shaa.’’
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