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Peter Essoka sentenced to 6 months in jail!

NCC Boss, Peter Essoka In Trouble

Peter Essoka has been sentenced to  6 months in jail.

However the NCC President’ s sentence is suspended with a fine of 15,000,000frs to pay as damages to Amougou Belinga , owner of Vision 4 TV, 780,000frs as damages to Vision 4 TV and 2,000,000frs as fee for the judicial process.

His only crime is that he said Vision 4 TV is gradually becoming Rwandas Radio Milles Collins.

Vision 4 and Journalists have never respected any decision from the NCC,  not even when they are sanctioned.

But her Journalists will insult Anglophones , call for their extermination, call Anglophones rats, call for  burning and destruction of houses, call for arrest of every Anglophone who comments on posts of Activists ;  they will still move freely without any convocation.

Mr Essoka’s crime is that he is an Anglophone facing a Channel that Wills Judicial power with Justice Minister , Laurent Esso, as their god father .

Reported by Independent Journalist; Nfor Hanson Nchanji.

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