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Petit Pays erects from a coffin on stage in France!

Veteran Cameroonian artiste; Petit Pays is not new to controversy and Yes, he’s at it again! He had a concert in France to celebrate his 30 years in the Cameroonian entertainment scene, with guest performances from Stanley Enow and Maalhox and guess what? He was carried in a coffin like a dead man, to the stage. Once on stage, his band played music for about a minute with the coffin still on stage, and then he later surfaced from the coffin in a black catholic priest’s apparel, and then made the sign of the cross and then started the show. Hmmm… We all thought we had seen the last of Petit Pays, but apparently not! Check out the photos below:

People dropping Petit Pays in the coffin on stage
Coffin dropped on stage
Petit Pays stepping out of coffin on stage
Maalhox on stage

Petit Pays on Stage

Petit Pays on stage

Petit Pays

Click here to watch the full video of Petit pays’ ‘coffin’ intro

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