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Pharrell Blasts! filed a lawsuit against Pharrell over the trade mark “I Am”.Let me break it down: has a You Tube Channel called ‘I Am’ and now Pharrell is claiming stakes to another You Tube channel he is calling ‘I Am Other’.So claims that the names are too similar and his fans would easily be confused about it since he and Pharrell have achieved great distinction in the Hip Hop world with the release of mega hits. Apparently that statement nerved Pharrell who fired back saying that it is complete Bullshit, that has not gained the same distinction as he has and that he has had several lawsuits in the past for Copyright Infringement so his lawsuit should be kicked to the curb and he should be allowed to use his ‘I Am Other’ with no repercussions. He also wants to pay his lawyers…Hmm! Trouble oh! I wonder why this Hip Hop artists are always ego tripping. Why does Pharrell insist on naming his channel ‘I Am Other’? It doesnt even make sense to me. already has one named ‘I Am’ so what’s the point? Now he is discrediting, how necessary is that?Hmm!

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