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Police confirm Bishop Jean Marie Benoit was murdered

Police have reported that no water was found in the lungs of Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Balla, after his body was retrieved 12 km from the Sanaga bridge in Tsang, near Monatele on Friday June 2, 2017.
Preliminary reports indicate that Bishop Jean Marie Balla was dead before his corpse found its way into river Sanaga.
Following the police preliminary report, one can therefore infer that Bishop Jean Marie was not the author of the suicide note found in his car, contrary to what a Priest at the Bafia Diocese in the Centre region revealed to CNA, that the hand writing on the note in the car of the Bishop is that of the Man of God.
The handwritten note read “Je suis dans l’eau”, translated into English as “I am in the water”. 
Center region Judicial Police and Gendarmerie Intelligence unit alongside law enforcement officials in Bafia and Monatele, are now treating the case as homicide with two big questions; “who” killed Bishop Jean Marie Balla and “why”?
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