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Popular Buea ‘Pastor’ Lefor Divine, and wife, Ruth Divine, accused of drugging and raping their female church member. She narrates:

Divine and his wife

Popular ‘Pastor’ in Buea, Lefor Divine of Wisdom Center International, Muea-Buea, and Wife; Lefor Ruth, of the same church, have been accused of raping a young girl who was a member of the church.

Before entering into Ministry and opening his church; Wisdom Center International, Lefor Divine used to be an artiste, who sang circular music.

Then, he was known by the stage name of ‘Stinky.’ He is still an artiste, but he is into Gospel music now, and he goes by the stage name of Daddy D . He recently released a gospel tune titled ‘Redemption.’

The lady who accuses him and his wife of raping her, says it happened in February this year.

According to her story, this is what happened:

She was a member of the church, as every goodwilled church member will do, she decided to pay a visit to her Pastor’s house to help him and his wife to do any pending chores.

Before she left for their home, she called to announce her coming. They approved.

On reaching their home, she met Divine whom church members call ‘Daddy’ and his wife; Ruth, whom church members call ‘Queen’ in the parlor, watching TV.

She paid no mind to what was on TV, greeted them and immediately asked ‘Queen’ what pending chores she could take care of.

‘Queen’ told her to go to the kitchen and serve herself first before indulging any labor. She obliged, went to the kitchen and served herself.

While she was eating, she heard ‘Daddy’ and ‘Queen’ laughing loudly from the parlor area.

She asked them what was making them laugh so loudly, and they told her it was the movie they were watching. They then invited her to come and join them.

On getting there, Lo and Behold, she found them watching pornography.

She was embarrassed, she asked herself “why would ‘Daddy’ and ‘Queen’ do something which is tagged ‘sinful’ so shamelessly.”

She finished eating and went to drop her plate. On coming back, ‘Queen’ urged her to drink some juice which was already on the table to push down the solid food.

She did drink the juice, and the next time she gained consciousness was on a bed in the guest room, with her naked body exposed.

She looked around, in shock and disbelief. She saw ‘Daddy’ and ‘Queen’ almost completely naked beside her, shamelessly.

Then it dawned on her, she had been drugged and raped.

She felt so helpless, used and worthless. When she asked, ‘Queen’ what was going on, ‘Queen’ told her “Daddy wanted to try something new and we decided to try it with you”

They later threatened her not to tell anyone or else she would be severely dealt with.

The lady dealt with the trauma for a while, then she confided in a few friends and left the city of Buea to go somewhere else where she would not be reminded of her violation

We listened to a voice note where the victim tells her friend that ‘Queen’ acknowledges that she and her husband are doing the work of the devil, masked as the work of God, and that if everybody leaves their ministry, she and her husband will stay. This came after our colleagues of published the story earlier.

We independently investigated the story and got revelations from several church members confirming that their daddy ‘Divine’ has and still is having sexual relationships with several female members of the church.

Some have left, but some still attend the church.

In the course of our investigation, we stumbled on a nude picture that he had allegedly sent to one of the female church members he is having one of his numerous clandestine affairs with.

The picture is of a very explicit nature, so we can’t upload it here directly. Click HERE to view it.

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