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Popular Cameroonian doctor of Natural Medicine “Canda Stick” Dr Fru Richard, has formulated a treatment/medication for COVID19

#BetaPipol Dr Fru Richard, way be popular for e Canda Stick Mekcine, don formulate some herbal tea way e say e di cure COVID19. E di callam say Coronin 20. E say the tea dey very efficient for cure COVID19.Den e don create some oda product way e say e di “sanitize” pipo dier mop and respiratory tract dem. E say pipo di use hand sanitizer for sanitize dier hand dem but dey di forget for sanitize the real place dem way the virus di pass for enta dier systems; dier mop and respiratory tract. So na why dat e create the product for pipo for useam sanitize dier mop and respiratory tracts dem.

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