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Popular Cameroonian Executive Music Producer; gets eyes plugged out in UAE for 419 scandal!

Jean Pierre Saah, a name you have probably heard from veteran Makossa artistes like Sergio Polo, was caught scamming an Emir in UAE and according to the Sharia Law, his eyes have been plugged out of their socket. He has been handed over to the Cameroonian embassy in UAE who are making arrangements to repatriate him. He will be coming back to the country physically impaired and without eye sight! Very interesting! This actually is a lesson to all scammers and greedy folks. This man has been scamming since the 90s. He had invested some of the money in a record label which has studios in Douala and in France. Apparently that was not enough for him, he still had to do more. As they say, 99 days for the thief and 1 day for the owner! Read the full story here: HERE

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