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Post yesterday’s Ghost Town in Southern Cameroon, today, normal activities resume, BUT no schools, no courts!

Yesterday, was a successful Ghost Town in Southern Cameroon, as the inhabitants religiously followed the instructions and all stayed at home, with schools and commercial centers being locked. The consortium; the administrative body of Southern Cameroon leaders of the strike in protest against the government in view of the Anglophone problem, released a statement thanking inhabitants for their co-operation, and informing them that the ghost town has been suspended, but The Strike continues, as schools and court houses remain closed. See message from Tasang Wilfred; programmes director of The Consortium:


10% Effort for 110% Success.

Dear brothers and sisters of West Cameroon, yesterday was a day like no other I have witnessed before. I am sure you and I new the ghost would come to town. We all, I am much surer did not foresee the size of the ghost. 

In our last communication, we did affirm from the Good Book that when the Lord fights, He make sure that none doubts who fought. In Judges 6, Gideon physically led the army that God had reduced to 300 heads. In 2nd Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat gathered the spoils for days without drawing a bow.

Dear comrades, in Judges 6:17, Gideon asked the Lord for a sign. We did ask Him of a sign that He is with us in this struggle. Monday, Jan 7th 2016, the Lord released a host of angels who effortlessly chased everyone off the streets of our towns and villages.

This morning, our God says if we will only harken to His directives, He will fight for us and we shall take long to gather the spoils. He says those He has put at the helm of the Consortium may not come with big titles from the academia and the Bar, but He, the Lord of heaven’s armies has chosen them to confound the “wise” and the “prudent”. 

I pray that we allow the Lord to lead His army. He has laid out a plan for this struggle part of which the Consortium has published, part which shall be unveiled with time. Let it be known however, that in this plan, there is no room for arms of any sort, neither is room made for killings and destruction of any time.
Rather, great room is made for holy worship and praise, prayer and fasting, and most of all, love for one another, including love towards Yaoundé; great love.

If you doubt God, then ask yourself what was it the Consortium did to achieve the success registered yesterday. 10% effort for 110% success! That’s our God. He tells us we shall inhabit cities we did not build and harvest from fields we did not plant.

If we trust Him, then we should listen and follow the Consortium.

The GHOST from heaven has returned.
Today, normal activities resume, BUT no schools, no courts.
Praise God.
Communication of Jan 10th 2017, 06:15am.

Deacon Tassang Wilfred
Programmes Director of the Consortium

press release from consortium

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