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President Paul Biya promotes Mebe Ngo’o’s son!

President Paul Biya appointed new DOs and SDOs yesterday October 7th 2019 and remarkably, incarcerated former Minister of Defence; Edgar Mebe Ngo’o’s son; Jean Phillipe Mebe Ngo’o, got appointed!

He was appointed Deputy Divisional Officer of Dibombari(Littoral Region). Previously, he held the post of first deputy at the DOs office of Douala in the Littoral Region.

It is worthy to note that Jean-Phillippe Mebe Ngo’o has been groomed for a career in the administration. He graduated from ENAM.

Giles Christian Sadi, the son of Cameroon’s Minister of communication; René Sadi, was also promoted by President Paul Biya. He previously held the position of DO of Kribi II in the South Region. He has now been promoted to Secretary General at the Governor’s office in the West Region.

See full list of appointed DOs HERE

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