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Presidential Candidate; Garga Haman Adji, condemns Maurice Kamto. This is what he said:

In an interview with crtv, the candidate of the ADD; Garga Haman Adji, declared that he is a republican, and is respectful of the laws established by the sovereign people and that in no case, would he violate the norms of the State by proclaiming himself President, as a result, he vehemently condemns the utterances of the MRC candidate, Maurice Kamto.

He believes that we must wait for the proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council in order to make any decision.

“There are people who are in a hurry to become President of the Republic and who proclaim themselves elected on social networks. It’s ridiculous, let’s stay serious”- said the ADD candidate who is participating in the presidential elections for the third time.

It is worthy to note that on April 23, 1969, Garga Haman Adji was integrated into the guard of Civil Administrators and then he became Principal Civil Administrator on July 31, 1972.

He notably occupied the posts of Deputy Director of the National Security of Cameroon, Deputy General of Administration at the Ministry of Finance, SG at the Ministry of Civil Service, Financial Director of SONEL, State Inspector and Deputy Director of Inspections and Administrative Reform (from 28 July 1981), then Director General of Boston Bank Cameroon.

Appointed Minister of the Public Service and State Control on September 7, 1990, he resigned from this position on August 27, 1992.

Shortly after, he joined the SDF of John Fru Ndi, then left to create his own party policy.

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