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Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecy about Pres. Goodluck Jonathan, fulfilled!!

On sunday the 6th of April, prophet TB Joshua revealed the
prophecy he had about president Goodluck Jonathan and his position after the
presidential elections in Nigeria. He said “six weeks before the
elections, I was praying, because of the ‘dark cloud’
[trouble] I saw [in Nigeria]. A cloud came upon me,
and i heard a voice, saying: ‘This message should be revealed to your president;
‘No matter the outcome of the elections, he should not worry, his mandate has
come to an end’.” The prophet said, after that instruction from God, he
reached out to his influential partners who are affiliated to the government in
a bid to have a means to communicate with president Jonathan. He
finally succeeded to get his phone number and he called him. When he introduced
himself, President Jonathan who is aware of the prophet’s track record of
fulfilled prophecies due to the grace of God in him, immediately granted him
audience. He then told him that he had a message for him from God, one so
important that he could not deliver on the phone. President Jonathan, pondered
for a while on how to arrange for a meeting with him given his tight schedule(he
was in the middle of his presidential campaign,because this was six weeks to
the elections). He then said that he will send his very close and personal aid
to go and meet with the prophet, so that he would deliver the message to him.
The aid eventually called the prophet, and a meeting was scheduled. The aid
travelled to lagos and came to the prophet’s church. He was asked to attend the
service on Sunday so that he would be captured in the video cameras in the
church for posterity, and before he left for Abuja, the prophet met him and
delivered the message from God to president Jonathan to him. This was the
message the prophet delivered to him: ‘whatever the outcome of this election,
whether popular voice of people or unpopular voice of people he[president
Goodluck Jonathan] must accept it, because God wants to use him to save
millions of souls who will be killed in the war that will prevail if he doesn’t
accept it. His acceptance, will lead to his soft-landing out of power’. The aid
returned to Abuja and upon delivering the message, the aid called him[the
prophet] and told him. The prophet said the president did not call him back
after receiving the message because he knew his track record of fulfilled
prophecies and he knew the word was from God. The prophet said president
Goodluck is a man after Gods heart, and that he has a heart for God, and he
loves God, if not he would not have yielded to the message he received. The
prophet said on the last day the votes were being counted, he called the
president and told him: “Your excellency, all you need to say is ‘Thank
you Jesus’, even though it seems there is nothing to thank God for”, and
he said the president answered “Thank you man of God”. And the
results were declared, he[president Goodluck Jonathan] lost to his opponent,
and instead of being in denial, he accepted(just as the God had told him to,
through the prophet) and congratulated the new president. Prophet TB Joshua
commended president Jonathan’s behaviour because God had used him to deliver
similar messages to other presidents and statesmen who refused to obey. I will
write an article titled ‘See what happened to these presidents who refused to
listen to Gods voice through prophet TB Joshua’ with details on those. Stay
tuned to ‘Beta Tinz’!
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