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R Kelly Cancels Tour As People Refuse TO Buy Tickets Due To Recent Sex Cult Allegations

The recent allegations of R&B singer R Kelly running a sex cult has been leaving a negative impact on his music career as he was recently forced to cancel four shows from his “After Party” tour due to poor ticket sales. This cancellation took place on Monday July 31st as many fans refused to buy tickets to his tours.
This happens not to be the first cancelled tour after the allegations as he continued touring and was obliged to cancel cancel two shows in Louisiana, One in Dallas and another in Los Angeles.It was also reported that his Friday night gig in Virginia had a low turnout and fans were pissed he only played for 45 minutes.
However his team denied the reason for the tour cancellation as they insisted that the tour will continue and went further to explain that They explained that the L.A. show was only cancelled because of a scheduling conflict with another nearby stop. The sources said nothing about the shows cancelled in Dallas and Louisiana.

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