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Random facts you probably didn’t know about the upcoming Presidential Elections in Cameroon!

A couple random facts about Presidential Elections in Cameroon:

Last elections was 7 yrs ago in 2011.

Cameroon has never elected a new president.

Cameroon has ever only had two presidents and neither of them came to power via an election.

Over 3,000 out of the 4,000 voting polls that exist in the North West and South West have been Shutdown because of the Anglophone Crisis.

According to ELECAM, 6.5 Million Camerronians have registered to vote, out of the 24 Million Cameroonians in Cameroon, meanwhile 19.3 thousand Cameroonians in the diaspora have registered to vote.

Many Cameroonians don’t know what political transition is like. They have never experienced it. So it’s rather scary for some who comfort themselves by re-electing the ‘devil they know.’
The opposition is fractured. There are 8 other candidates running and most have little or no political base to rely on. But they have momentum on their side and have garnered large crowds. The question is whether those crowds will translate into votes.

And with an election in one round, the person that gets the most votes wins. They don’t need a majority. So a candidate could theoretically win with less than 30% of the vote.

Results will be pronounced in not more than 15 days from the day of elections. So before the 22nd of October, results will be pronounced.

Source: Series of Tweets posted by Rebecca Enonchong(@africatechie) on Twitter

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