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Rapper/social activist; Valsero’s press conference in Douala stopped by The police!

Valsero aka General Valsero is a Cameroonian rapper from Yaounde who has been very vocal about bad governance in Cameroon.

He released a song in 2009, titled “Lettre au president” which is a letter to the president talking about the hopelessness of youths in Cameroon due to bad governance.
He has always been vocal and expressive about the social and political issues in Cameroon.
He launched a movement called ‘Caravane Jeune et fort‘ to sensitive youths on social and political issues concerning them.
Yesterday; at l’institut français de Douala he was launching the fourth edition with the topics: Fighting HIV/AIDS in academic facilities, the importance of knowing your blood group, the importance of having a good attitude towards elections, youth involvement in voting and registration, at a press conference which was abruptly interrupted and stopped by a colonel and 47 army officers. 
The reason why his press conference was stopped, is still a mystery.
Other artistes; Krotal, Tony Nobody, Koppo, Duc Z, Franko, Minks and Lady B were present at the press conference.

Click play to listen to the song he released late last year during the crisis in West Cameroon:

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