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Real Cause Of Death Of Davido’s Friend Revealed

The recent accusations laid by actress Caroline Danjuma on singer Davido for being the principal cause of the death of band member Tagbo claiming he abandoned the young man to his death in the hospital has got the press talking as the real cause of the young man’s death has been revealed. Autopsy reports show the that Tagbo die of serious lungs damage caused by the excess whisky he drank  the night he went partying with Davido. According to witnesses, Davido started up a bet by promising to give to the winner a brand new iPhone 8 and N 200000. The bet was centered on who was going to take the highest shots of whisky. Tagbo bent of collecting the winning  prize went into the competition. Without taking into consideration his health state. After a few shots, his lungs could no longer stand the acid from the whisky thereby causing him to pass out. He was then rushed to the hospital where he later on died.

This still did not stop Caroline from pursuing her accusations as she says that if Davido had not initiated that bet, Tagbo would have still been alive.

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