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Reason why Cameroonian actors; Epule Jeffrey and Lynno Lovett got into a fight that left Epule Jeffrey hospitalized!

Over the weekend, Cameroonian actors, Epule Jeffrey and Lynno Lovert went into a fight after a heated argument that left Jeffrey hospitalized.

What happened was Jeffrey and Lynno had just attended Ambe‘s show at Ngouagzhou, Molyko, Buea. They decided to head over to comedian, Oboy Comedy’s birthday party.

While in the car, conversation broke out on awards in the movie industry. Lynno was dissing the award shows because in his opinion they were not well managed. Jeffrey in turn was in support. He said the awards were a good thing in the industry.

Lynno in turn responded that he is obviously supporting the awards because he has won some of them. Jeff responded saying he(Lynno) is probably mad because he hasn’t won any, because he hasn’t done anything in the industry.

Lynno responded asking him(Jeff) what he(Jeff) had also done to deserve the awards he had gotten, because he(Lynno) feels like Jeff is overrated.

Insults were thrown and the argument heated up, Lynno asked the person driving the car to stop for him to step down from the car.

Now, we’ll pause here…

According to what Epule Jeffrey told Esaw Dilis of Esaw Dilis blog, he opened the door of his side of the passenger’s seat and was about to leave the car, when Lynno showed up and used a rock(stone) to hit his head. See chat below:

According to our sources from Lynno‘s camp; Jeff left the car and followed him(Lynno) after he stepped out of the car. They continued arguing and insulting each other, Jeff threw the first punch, and then Lynno beat him up and used the stone on his head. Our sources mentioned that Lynno had been piling up anger against Jeff because Jeff has allegedly been sabotaging his name in the industry.

See photos of Jeffrey’s wounded head:

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