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Register with Ban’tikar these holidays and become an arts professional in 6 weeks!

Ban’tikar is a coining from the word ‘Bantu’ and ‘Tikar.’ These are the ‘races’ so to speak we of the region in Africa originate from.

Ban’tikar is an art organisation conceived by Mbang Joseph Songnain.

It is an effort to use arts as a human development tool and/or instrument.

Ban’tikar uses music, dance, drama, photographic and other visual arts to make its participants discover themselves (psycho-motolically).

These arts or craft help children 5 – 15 years (who used to be our main focus) and now seniors 16 years and above to exercise the creative part of their mind with their teaching methods.

It has been running for 10 years. This is the 11th year.

The Art Patrons this year are Max Sako Lyonga (International Paint artist) and Sparx da Virus (recording artist and graphic designer).

To subscribe, check out e-flyer below:

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