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Reverend of Bamenda Archdiocese says the military used the Cathedral field for FENASCO B games by force!

Rev. Tata Mbuy of Bamenda Archdiocese granted an interview with the press, where he explains what happened that the government used the Cathedral field at Mankon, Bamenda for the FENASCO B games.

He said they had come before to take permission to use the field for the FENASCO B games, and the Cathedral administration refused to grant them permission to use the field because they had received anonymous threats saying that if they granted permission for the field to be used, the place would be burned down. So they told the authorities who came for the permission that because of the threats they had received, they would not be granting them permission to use the field, and they seemed to understand, and they left.

On the day the FENASCO B games were scheduled to start, they came again asking for permission, and the cathedral administration told them it could not be granted for the same reason. And before they knew it, a truck load of soldiers and military men drove to the Cathedral field, broke open they gate and made it ready for use for the FENASCO B games, and the field is in use right now.

Rev Tata Mbuy who was narrating the story to the press mentioned that the church stands for peace so they would not fight back.

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