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Rihanna’s Appearance At the Dior Cruz Show Leaves The Press Talking

When we think of fashion, Rihanna immediately comes to our minds. The 29 year old singer completely left the press talking as she made an ecstatic appearance at the Christian Dior Cruise show last Night dressed in a cow-girly outfit.

While other stars like Charlize Theron, Demi Moore, Brie Larson, Kelly Rowland and Nick Jonas showed up in a glamorous look, Rihanna went in for a full Dior look consisting of a natural fox fur cardigan coat as usual with no bra accompanied by a pair of jeans.
To spice the outfit up she fastened her coat with two belts and finished off her look with chunky army boots, a cowboy hat and Dior handbag.
Her appearance made her the center of attention as she appeared looking different from her colleagues.

View photos of the Fashionista as she slays in her country Girl looks.

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