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Runtown Addresses News On His Lamborghini Being Towed In Lagos

Photos have gone viral on the internet with singer Runtown’s Lamborghini being towed across the streets of lagos. Many fans wondered if it was being transported to another side of the town or if it had a breakdown though most concluded it was due to a breakdown. Addressing and dismissing the rumours suggesting that the luxury ride was towed due to a breakdown, Runtown in an interview with Pulse News said that he was to take an urgent trip to Senegal and since he doesn’t let anyone drive it, he had to seek the services of a towing company for it to be transported to his home. Read his statement below;

“I was actually on the mainland and something came up so I had to like travel out. I was actually travelling to Yaoundé. So I drove to the jet (hangar) place… I don’t let people drive my Lamboghinny. Do you understand?… So it is crazy how people saw it (car being towed) and were like Runtown’s Lamboghinny broke down. That is a brand new car.”

The hip-hop star didn’t even break a sweat when questioned about if the incident might have a detrimental impact on his career. For him, it was all about keeping up with the great vibe.

“No. Not really. It is just crazy how people make up things… But it is all good man. We just all have positive energy and focus on doing more positive sh*t.”

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