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Salatiel is the new brand ambassador for Brasseries!

Undoubtedly Salatiel is one of the most influential voices in our generation. His last single; ‘Ca se passe ici‘, is a celebration of Cameroonian music in a way that has never been done before. The way he translates his love for our Country, Cameroon, into his music is admirable. This is the quality that attracted the biggest brewery company in our country; Brasseries, to sign an endorsement deal with him. He is now the face of one of Cameroon’s biggest talent scouting show; ‘Mutzig Star.’ We all know Salatiel’s career, sprouted up from Talent shows; ‘Mutzig Star’ which he won in 2009 and ‘MTN make The Music’ which he won in 2014, so he is very well suited to mentor the contestants for this year’s edition of ‘Mutzig Star.’ Congratulations Salatiel. We are very proud of you, keep on inspiring us. The best is yet to come!!

The Billboard on the streets of Douala

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