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Samuel Eto’o, dropped by his team; Antalyaspor, because of racist accusations

According to BBC papa Eto’o’s team, Antalyaspor has dropped him till further notice. This is what happened:

The chairman of Antalyaspor made a comment that “No player is above the interests of Antalyaspor. Everyone must know their place.” Hours later, Papa Eto’o made a post via instagram, saying that “Perhaps some people do not feel respect for me because I am black.” Ofcourse this got to the executive board of the club, who took it as a response to the original comment made by the chairman of the club. Eto’o later on made another instagram post saying that he wasn’t referring to the chairman of Antalyaspor in his comment. He even referred to him as his brother. This is what he said: “My message was to a person who criticises me unjustly for years and while he continues his criticisms, I kept winning trophies.”
Apparently Antalyaspor executives were not convinced because they issued a statement that Eto’o would have a separate training programme until his case was heard by their executive board. Click HERE to read the full article from BBC.
We are sincerely hoping this ends well for our papa Eto’o. 

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