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Save the date: 15th October for African Pride Night

Shelby Delva has announced second edition of the African Pride Night to be held on October 15th 2016, at Hotel Beauséjour Mirabel Akwa (Douala) from 8 pm. This comes as the continuation of an astonishing concept aiming at celebrating African and especially Cameroonian traditions.
Coming back to the first edition that was held this July 2nd, one can say it was just amazing. Ushers (male and female) were very cute, hosting and services were very jovial and professional. The Content was also very entertaining, with traditional workshopsbody painting,Fashion parade done by the public present and several contestants (Best traditional outfit, best dancer…) awarded with prizes. Meals of several tribes were also represented. These included Achu, Fufu and eru, Ndolè only to name a few. Entertainment was crowned by the performance of artists like TymarEbéléWomba KawtalMalko L and the young traditional dance crew Groupe Bantous.
 Amendments will be done for the upcoming edition to be unique. New artists like Martino Ngallè, Dj Gérard Ben and Major will be conveyed.The Sawa people will be at the center of the traditional workshops and a media tour will be organised for massive communication in order to create awareness for potential partners and investors.

Dominique Hodieb (Picture by Studios PI), a Cameroonian model, E-reputation advisor and founder of the concept “Tame the wrap” has also been appointed as the ambassador of the second edition of this African Pride Night. It is with much enthusiasm that she gave her impression concerning this nomination: “I am more than honoured to be part of such an initiative. As a promoter of African Culture, it is always a pleasure to work hand in hand with like-minded people”. Dominique Hodieb will direct a workshop on the different ways to wear scarfs for women. Everything is being set and ready. We can’t wait to be there!!! In the meantime, get to know Shelby Delva, the founder and organiser of the African Pride night.
Dominique Hodieb

About Shelby Delva
Founded in 2012 by the cultural promoter, Josiane Kamani in homage to his daughter, Shelby Delva is a major actor of reception in Cameroun, thanks to a strategy centered on excellence and service. In this light, the latter declares: « Reception is a matter of image and quality service… a culture of good manners and know-how with prestige, reactivity, professionalism, smile and excellence”.
Shelby Delva operates in several interconnected fields such as events’ reception and planning as well as sales promotion. Contacts facebook Shelby Delva and
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