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Save the date: 2nd February Skriim afterwork concert in Douala

The new year opens on an afterwork concert of the Cameroonian electronic music composer;
SKRIIM. The afterwork concert, which is organized by the French Institute of Cameroon, establishes the first live performance of the composer; SKRIIM, an occasion to discover his musical universe in
a more intimate way.
In February, 2016, SKRIIM presented himself to the public with his digital album EVOLU+ION
which narrates the debate around Darwin’s theory of evolution, and came back a few months
later with the single “DON’T GO” which presented SKRIIM in a lighter subject; Love. 
Concerned with getting closer to the Cameroonian audience, SKRIIM released in December 2016, the mixtape “ Je ne suis pas Dj Vol.1 “. 
This mixtape is a compilation of remixed songs of
Cameroonian urban artists: Stanley ENOW, Mink’s, Tenor, Mr Leo and Salatiel.
Appointment is thus taken on February 2nd
, 2017 to the French Institute of Douala.
Ps: No entrance fee, but compulsory consumption.
Jessie NDA – 663 599 219
It’s All About Music!
Details on e-flyer below:

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