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Save the date: December 19th, for The Bamenda Fashion Week!

Bamenda Fashion Week
is a
professional-International platform aimed at valorizing the fashion and design industry in the city
of Bamenda, Cameroon and Africa.  It
brings together industry actors from around the world and serves as a ground
for networking and collaboration, with the goal of hurling our home industry
forward. It recognizes the works of thriving actors from all facets of the fashion
and design industry including: Designers, models, photographers, make-up
artists etc and celebrates the contribution of individuals and stake holders
towards the growth of the industry

It also has as objective to promote and expose our homemade fashion products
and actors on the international scene, to
create a market for them globally
and to establish channels for the world
to savor what Cameroon has got in terms of fashion and design. The Bamenda Fashion Week is here to
raise the bar and enhance the fashion and entertainment culture of the city of
Bamenda and Cameroon as a whole.

attain our objectives and to set the standards in the fashion industry, we’ve
carried out a host of activities within and without the country.
began with two casting calls for models; 54 models showed up in Bamenda for the
casting call for the North West and West regions. 16 of them were selected to
represent the Bamenda Fashion Week brand. The casting of models for the
Littoral, Center and South West Regions held in Buea in mid-September where 53
models showed up. 19 of them were selected as Bamenda Fashion Week models. Of
the 35 models selected, 15 will walk
the runway on the launch of the event on December 19. Bamenda Fashion Week uses
every model for diverse purposes ranging from runway to editorial, commercial,
glamour, etc. All Bamenda Fashion Week’s models can be viewed on its website

selected represent different regions across the country and range from 7 to 30
years old. As a platform promoting the growth of the industry, all models of
Bamenda Fashion Week do not end as runway models for the event of 2016. The
platform fosters the growth of these models through an agreement reached with
them where they benefit from lifetime material, networking and technical
expertise from the organizers of the Bamenda Fashion Week, and wherein the
organizers agree to treat them with several privileges, among which are
subsequent unanimous selections for fashion events carrying the Bamenda Fashion
Week brand.

call for designer casting was also made in August. Over 100 designers from all
over the continent responded, and the Bamenda Fashion Week’s team of judges
went through all applications. Applicants had the possibility of impressing the
judges through pictures of their designs and a presentation of their
experiences as designers. After a tough selection process, the judges were
satisfied to come up with a list of 15 designers from 4 different countries on
the continent (Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal). 5 of these 15
would be competing for a coveted price. The list of designers selected can be
viewed on the website (

A casting
call for makeup artists was also made. 5 makeup artists would provide their
skills to enhance the world-class event to be held on the 19th of

organizers of the Bamenda Fashion Week, Miss Africa Texas and Olympian House
International, look forward to raising the bar of fashion and entertainment in
Africa as promised, and the show on the 19th of December would only
be a testament of this.

Keep up with Bamenda Fashion week on social media:
Facebook: Bamenda Fashion Week
Instagram: @BamendaFashionWeek
Twitter: @Bamendafw
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