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SCACUF names Ayuk Julius Tabe as interim president of ‘Southern Cameroons’

An independent association created by Southern Cameroon activists; SCACUF, has gone ahead to elect an interim president for ‘Southern Cameroons‘, with the goal being to ‘restore’ the state of ‘Southern Cameroons.’ The interim president they elected goes by the name of Sessekou AYUK Julius Tabe. 

Below is a detailed report posted by Mark Bareta on affirming the issue:

Sessekou Ayuk Julius Tabe

BaretaNews can now confirm that the Southern Cameroons has an interim president in the person of Sessekou AYUK Julius Tabe. We are told the SCACUF conclave took the decision against popular thoughts of an election considering changes in the ground game and the recent dynamics of the struggle. As such the much talk about the previous roadmap was dashed into the dust bin, so as to reach out to recent expectations. Mr. Tassang Wilfred will be his Deputy President, BaretaNews learned. Details of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government, as well as other resolutions from the SCACUF conclave, is yet to be made known to the public. Meanwhile below is a brief summary of who Ayuk Julius Tambe is:

Julius Ayuk Tabe is a Chief Information Officer. In 2011 he made a career move from Cisco Systems and came to the American University of Nigeria as its pioneer Chief Information Officer. Here he supervises the university’s technology deployment, use and maintenance. He leads a team with three Departments: – the Department of Information Technology (DIT) which is in charge of the IT Infrastructure, the Department of Information Systems (DIS) in charge of the ERP applications, learning management and information systems, and the Department of Auxiliary Services (DAS) in charge of the professional and certification-training amongst other things.

Julius has over 22 years’ experience in the ICT industry, more than twelve of which have been in senior management. His career started in 1992 in utility distribution (electricity) where he worked as a Software developer. He wrote applications for Billing Systems & Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources, Bank reconciliation management and Technical Maintenance and Evaluation. He was amongst the company’s first network Administrators in the early ‘90s. In 2002, he was promoted into Management as one of the regional executives of the company.

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