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SDF leader; Hon Nintcheu, files appeal to court against the ban of rally by DO!

Hon Nintcheu
The SDF is going strong on their preparations for their rally to promote federalism and national unity. 
As earlier announced the SDF is planning a federalism demonstration in Douala; Cameroon on 4th March 2017 in support of The Anglophone Problem.
The delegation would be headed by Honorable Jean Mitchel Nintcheu.
The purpose of the demonstration is to call on the authorities to make it possible for Cameroon to go back to a federal state as was the case before 1972.
They believe Federation will return power to the people and bring development to Cameroon.

Meanwhile the Divisional Officer for Douala V sub-division, Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie, released a statement prohibiting the holding of the rally scheduled by the SDF on March 4 which was contested by Hon Jean Mitchel Nintcheu who said the SDF rally must take place. 
Read all about it HERE.
Yesterday, 2nd of March 2017, Hon Jean Mitchel Nintcheu filed an appeal against the ban by DO, to which the court has 8 days to reply. 
Meanwhile, the SDF is going strong on their plans and preparations for the rally.

Flyer for the rally

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