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SDF members of parliament resist Fru Ndi and support Wirba!

As reported by Wilson Musa for

Over 15 Members of Parliament for the Social Democratic Front Party, SDF, have given their unflinching support to escapee SDF comrade Hon. Wirba Joseph of the Jakiri Constituency.

In a Press Conference held in Yaoundé Tuesday April 11, 2017, Hon Jospeh Mbah Ndam, Vice President of SDF Parliamentary group urged House Speaker Cavaye Yege to ensure that Parliamentary Immunity of Hon.Wirba is not tampered with. He also read out that the House Speaker should protect the escapee and make sure that he returns home without being arrested.

Hon. Mbah Ndam flanked by other MPs including SDF National Vice President, Hon. Joshua Osih, reiterated their support for Wirba saying that he spoke their mind on the fateful day last November when he spoke on Anglophone marginalization.

The outing of the SDF MPs and their views is contrary to that of the National Chairman of the party, Ni John FRU NDI who said he cannot support Hon. Wirba because he did not act on behalf of the party and did not toe party line.

Joseph Mbah Ndam who led a working visit to the House Speaker said, “ During this working visit, we expressed our indignation with respect to the arrest warrant issued on him by the delegate General for National Security in total violation of the laws of Cameroon…while waiting for the speakers action, we remain in full solidarity with Hon. Wirba.”

The MP for Jakiri did not attend the March Parliamentary session brandishing an arrest warrant allegedly issued against him by the Government. He is reported to have gone out of Cameroon and now residing in England.

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