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Secondary school student gives birth to twins while writing exams(BEPC)

BetaPipol some BEPC candidate for Mengong High School, corner Ebolowa, be born twins, as e be di write e BEPC exam.

The geh e name na Justine Oye. Labour catch e as e be di write. Dey call the medical staff on duty for skul. Dey kam carry e go the next empty hall. E born the first pikin… afta 15 minites, the second one too comot.

E happun all so inside like 25 minites.

Justine teh the nurses dem say e wan go finish write. Dey clean e, e go back for hall go finish write.

Afta e finish write, dey take e and e twins go the nearest hospitul.

E and the pikin dey dey fine. Na dem dat 👆 😍

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