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Security forces seize Equinox equipment as protest mounts in Ekona

Broadcasting equipment of Equinox TV and radio has been seized by the forces of law and order in Ekona, South West Region of Cameroon, reports say.
Cameras, microphones, and recorders are amongst the items confiscated by forces of law and order, stating that the media organ has no authorisation to cover protest in the area.
According to the media organ’s regional correspondent Derick Jato, security forces intercepted him upon arriving at Ekona where protest is mounting.
Derick said he watched with his eyes how his camera tapes were wiped clean immediately the items were seized.
Equinox TV and radio is one of the most reliable media outlets in the country, and is at the heart of every latest development with regards to the ongoing Anglophone crisis. 
The people of Ekona like every area in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon are demanding the release of Anglophones still in detention in Yaounde, immediate independence from the Republic of Cameroon, or Federalism.

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