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See full statistics of the number of military agents that have died in the Anglophone Crisis, plus the real reason why Mutengene was highly militarized yesterday:

“As of June 11, 2018, statistics list 123 attacks that killed 84 military people, including 32 soldiers, 42 gendarmes, 07 policemen, 02 prison guards and 01 Eco-guard cowardly assassinated. Several victims have been mutilated or decapitated and their bodies exhibited in social networks. These dedicated officials committed to the protection of citizens and their property fell while in performance of their sacred duty. Their comrades continue with courage and determination, their mission of preservation of the peace and the security of the population.”– This is the assessment presented on Wednesday June 20th in Yaoundé by the Prime Minister, Head of the Government in a special communication on the launch of the emergency humanitarian assistance plan.

Meanwhile, Mutengene was highly militarized yesterday, Thursday June 21st. Mutengene is the locality located at the entrance of Buea and Limbe, of the South West Region.

The defense and security forces have squared the scene in the hope of finding the two gendarmes abductued in the night of Wednesday June 20 breaking Thursday June 21 by strangers.

It is suspected that they were abducted by seccessionists who have during the same attack, killed another policeman, according to local sources.

“The three gendarmes were at a checkpoint at Big-Mop Market near the Mutengene-Limbe border. They were surprised by armed men who first murdered a gendarme before leaving with two others as a hostage. Since this morning, the soldiers are poured everywhere here, they are searching and controlling the populations and the passer-bys”– says an inhabitant of Mutengene.

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