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See the Top 5 Richest Hollywood Female artistes!

Forbes classified the richest female hollywood celebrities this 2017 with Madonna topping the list accompanied by Celine Dion.

Famous Queen Bey(Beyonce) was pushed down to the 4th position as Barbara Streisand came 3rd. Below are top richest female hollywood stars;

Madonna ( $580 million).
This diva has topped the list of the top female musicians as she reaches a net worth of $580 million.

Celine Dion ($400 million)
Celine Dion has accompanied Madonna with a net worth of $400 million. This legendary diva is set to perform “my heart will go on ” at the  Billboard music awards scheduled for May 21st 2017 in honor of the 20th anniversary of “TITANIC”
Barbra Streisand ($390 million)
Barbra Streisand is third in the list with a net worth of $390 million. The old time celebrity is well known for her show in the 90’s.
Beyonce ($350 million)
It seems like the difficulty in getting a trademark for her daughter Blue Ivy has pushed our Queen B down to the fourth position as she comes up with a net worth of 350 million

Taylor Swift ($280 million)
Taylor swift was classified 5th richest as she is worth 280 million

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