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Segun Arinze aka Black Arrow’s daughter embarasses him on Social Media

It’s like the saying “Do not wash your dirty linens in Public” does not apply for Nollywood’s star Segun Arinze’s daughter Renny.
It so happened that yesterday May 11th was the girl’s birthday and her father, like any other dad who is versed with social media wanted to show his love for his daughter by wishing her a happy birthday on instagram. He wrote;
“Wow! Time sure does fly! My Daughter Renny is 20!!. I wish you great wisdom,good health, long life, deep knowledge and whatever you lay your hands on will prosper. You will be a role model to your peers. Ann God bless you for doing a great job! Happy Birthday Renny”

Renny’s response and reaction to her dad’s post was a shocking and embarrassing one. She went further to correct the actor on the way he spelled her mother’s name. He response was thus;

What’s the meaning of this sir?

You didn’t tag me, you don’t know my IG handle either. You’ve tagged other people and bloggers an you didn’t even have the courtesy to call me to wish me a happy birthday and you’re doing this online? What a pity. I would overly appreciate it if you stopped this. God bless

One more thing sir, my mother’s name is “Anne” not Ann. Stop being the rain on my parade and stop spreading lies. I have never insulted you. STOP THESE LIES“

This caused the public to draw conclusions that the girl and her father are not in good terms as the girl’s mother “Anne” whom he wrongly spelled is now his ex-wife. There were rumors that before they separated he used to physically abuse her. Screenshots of their conversation can be seen below:


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