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Shining the Light on Sickle Cell Disease: Ashu Egbe, a sickle cell patient aka warrior, is 58 years!

Shining the Light on Sickle Cell Disease.

Ashu Egbe, a sickle cell patient aka warrior, is 58 years!

To celebrate this milestone we are joining him to make some positive noise about sickle cell disease (SCD).

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a genetic blood condition whereby sufferers and carriers inherit the sickle cell gene from their parents.

Statistics reveal about 11% of SCD cases in Cameroon and that about 20% of the population are carriers. Most of the carriers, however, don’t know their status.

The focus of the charitable organizations (CASC-Cameroon & Ashu Egbe Foundation) which he runs is on sickle cell awareness and management.

In the area of sickle cell management, they believe that if warriors take good care of themselves they can live a better life. As well as taking their prescribed medications, staying hydrated, avoiding stress and infections, etc having regular controls in a hospital is very important. The organizations are in partnership, for now, with 3 hospitals in Douala, Limbe and Mamfe. Warriors go there once a month for their regular checkups.

In the area of sickle cell awareness, through their “Operation Know Your Genotype” slogan, they have been taking the awareness campaigns to the communities; university institutions, churches, mosques, and community centers.

The youths who are future parents are special targets and the message focuses on the crucial need to know one’s sickle cell status (genotype) as early as possible. This will enable people to take informed decisions in any relationship. Taking informed decisions, especially if they intend to have children.

It is hoped this this post will achieve two goals:

1. It will come as a source of motivation and an encouragement to younger sickle cell warriors and mothers of warriors. They too can live to adulthood like this 58 year old warrior who is a senior engineer, an award winning filmmaker, a philanthropist, a husband, a father, a mentor, etc.

2. It will also be an opportunity to reach out to more people and hopefully many will take the decision to know their genotype.











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