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fast rising cameroonian artists SKY BREAK,YOUNG HOLIDAY, T ROBIN, RISTIC made it through with a new vibe tagged journey . enjoy









(JOURNEY) lyrics Ayeboy koh nyary cheetah The Nuweekbitz Journey johnie Journey johnie Fwu koh John”’ Journey ar want for go johnie carry me go for London 4×


(Ristic verse) Bah mkeng koh nti mamnkahni… Ngong behb sorh ah bong Cha ahr kongnni pussss, This version dung Cary my vision go too far😄 Two pillers like a pool man na crossbar, Nweh teh uh jhi gharr uh bo yeh berr bi Meh teh mi tuu nkwi ah meh mu ma BIH The jeauney be start na since day one I borrow one comot then enter with two back belle na six paxx ….😅 Ave been stiching all openings, now the haevens are watching our doors are all opening… Keep on reasoning positive some di sing others rap but mukolah is lussening , Service ma dameh as aco serviz you.. boarder line airline hasta la Vista Vibing na law inside step I owe fans them like debt the hand dung di strong now bakala di bet Now journey Cary me go London … Roast makero with the jam hand burn If I make it here I can do anywhere Guest for all weather after rain sun shine Beats like makobo coaco sweet for mop When the honey enter bro man must (———–) And am up in a way just to make it the way God made it a way and tobe my own way..


(T Robin verse) How is it possible that i survived in the path that i choose i wont lie it is hard to believe and at times I even cry to myself cuz i cannot find a remedy to all of the pain that i have received…. let me try to make it brief if… people are telling you to leave and to give up on all of your dreams you’re just being deceived.. i had to push and scratch myself on rocks like i was falling off a cliff Yeah i had to do this MLK i had a dream… you should know this i wanna get a trophy i could bring… like a tortoise even its slow I’m a king whose wise Solomon kind of a thing.. i don’t wanna have to fail my people cuz of ego.. so I’m simple pride has killed a lot of heroes. this is more than the journey to west bcs on the road to fame u gonna find a lot of evil. from Nkb to kbo to bda… now i been crossing to Dla so you know the thing is in my Dna its NBA how we balling everyday man be first di chop na taploca anyway thing dem di go now na sharwama any day and if i don’t make it back from this journey jo know say na music don take me away let’s go


(chorus) Journey johnie Journey johnie Fwu koh John”’ Journey ar want for go johnie carry me go for London. 2×


(young holiday verse) If Ndibah no be di c9mot for person e eye when e di cry who for ever believe when you tell them say Cha’a di bad for ya side? I wish I be fit show you tin way a dong di facam for life Na why that music for me no be thing for play Every verse dey like mirror Everybody from within Na ma own way weh I di takam for talk to the blind because for spirit e eye none of we no di see Ya eye di open when you die get it It’s deeper than all of the hoes and everybody who’s been digging us Holi no be pikin for here, go for heaven or hell I’m indigenous I’m made of flesh but you no need for cut me for see ma blood It’s family love and respect And a special place for ma words Camera weh the thing dong start di spoil I’ve been loosing my focus So everyday now when I wukop for sharp I di go on ma knees and I pray for the love


(sky break verse) Ayeboy , Am the king behind the worldly journey only me know how I run through the valley tape speed hunting I know you see me coming cheetah in the jungle here I grow up farming to fight for family no one here helping because am working they think am crazy lazy people I don’t drink Guinness the sky can never be my limit go tell ma mama I will buy that Lamborghini I came alone in this to fight and succeed I never look the rain or look the sun light I raise my voice so high to reach the success the more you work the more you getting viral now the nigga is alive but the people no want hear me when ar comotam for light them kgo wukup now di fear me , so am giving all my best for this music not to fail me if the music was a rock then am coming with a rocket Mah Fwu leh amboh John achi tangchi tangchi kangchi kangchi fingchi wanah wanah hrahni hrahni nyengchi sasi sasi rhachi rhachi nyengchi no way back in this journey let me get it done call me shadow hunter am John


( journey carry me go) is all about the journey we di Bolo na with ndolo all ma guys them no be judas we Don suffer no be lie mi them lif me mekah mala adi Fala na ma Fala when e bad them no di lookam them want see me na for goter ar be pikin ar don di suffer mi them move me inside matter ar no want me for di halah cuz ma fami get to mala mi them wukup make ar hama all ma men them get to hama we di roll the game with no stop chi chi (Chorus) Journey johnie Journey johnie Fwu koh John”’ Journey ar want for go johnie carry me go for London 4×

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