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Société Générale Bank launches an alternative mobile money solution called ‘YUP.’

Société Générale Bank of Cameroon has launched a platform to facilitate financial transactions via mobile phones, called YUP!

What is YUP?

YUP, is a mobile money solution that provides access to a full range of transactional and financial services even without having a bank account.

It is based on an “Agency Banking” model, that is to say on a network of third party agents with whom the bank has forged partnerships (service stations, retail distribution, etc.), YUP is thus accessible via a wider network of distributors equipped with adapted terminals and of course through the mobile banking application of the various Societe Generale banks ( on the continent.

YUP enables Société Générale to meet the needs of a new clientele by offering a very high level of availability, proximity and ease of use.

YUP customers can make withdrawals, deposits and money transfers, pay their bills, buy phone credit and make payments to merchants.

YUP also enables the dematerialization of payment flows in business transactions, by easing financial transactions without the involvement of cash. Other financial services such as payment of salaries, loans, savings products and international transfers, will be added with time.

YUP is accessible to any mobile phone holder (smartphone or traditional mobile phone) regardless of it’s mobile operator. There’s also a mobile application through which YUP is accessible, download it HERE!

Also, YUP kiosks are already splattered around in Douala. Feel free to approach any one you see to register.

Another option is to head over to any Société Générale Bank, as YUP distributors are ever present there to serve!

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