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Some Cameroonian film makers abroad create webseries titled CON$EQUENCES to expose scammers! Click below to watch:

CON$EQUENCES is a modern day serialized drama that follows the lives of culturally diverse con artists; but unlike other similarly themed shows, this one is anchored by adult Yahoo Boys aka Scammers.

The series offers a unique and original take on the con genre, hence giving us intriguing characters in environments quite different from what we are used to seeing.

The goal of the creators is to create diverse, smart and thought-provoking entertainment while hopefully shedding some light on ways one can protect themselves from the various shady characters out there.

The webseries was created by Tony Tambi; a multiple award winning Nigerian-born, Cameroon-raised, U.S based actor and filmmaker.

The full cast and crew include:

Tony Tambi – Actor, Creator, Writer, Producer & Director.
Bambadjan Bamba – Actor, Producer & Director.
Constance Ejuma – Actor, Producer.
Eboni Adams – Actor, Producer.
John Tague – Actor
Francis Onelum –  Producer
Sebastien Ricci – Director of Photography

Click below to watch the first episodes:

Subscribe to their YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on the next episodes.

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