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Source confirm the note found in Bishop Bala’s vehicle was written by the Bishop

Cameroon security forces and rescue officials from the local and administrative agencies in the Center region are still searching for the body of a Roman Catholic Bishop of Bafia Jean-Marie-Balla-Benoit, who is reportedly to have committed suicide by drowning himself.
The Bishop’s land cruiser jeep with registration plate number CE 9503V was found on the Ebebda bridge on Wednesday afternoon about 90km from Yaounde, with a note in the car alongside his ID card, driving license and car documents.
The handwritten note simply read “Je suis dans l’eau”, loosely translated into English as “I am in the water”.
With the Bishop’s body yet to be found and eye witness confirming they saw his car, but none of them saw the act of jumping, speculations have been high that the written note found in the car could have as well been forged.
However, a Priest at the Bafia Diocese in the Centre region has revealed to CNA that the hand writing on the note found in the car of Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala is that of the Man of God.
The Priest told reporters that he recognized the handwriting on the note, but could not tell whether the Bishop wrote it under duress or not.
Meanwhile observers say nothing can be conclusive as of now, until investigators publish a report, as there are also arguments that the Bishop might have been assassinated and thrown into the river.  
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