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Sources claim Mark Bareta would be extradited from Europe to Cameroon for Trial; Mark Bareta responds!

In case you don’t know; Mark Bareta alongside Tapang Ivo Tanku, are the interim leaders of The Anglophone Consortium. Some weeks ago, a local newspaper published an article saying Tapang Ivo was wanted by the Cameroon government. Read about it HERE.

Tapang Ivo wrote an open letter to President Paul Biya in response. Read about it HERE

Now this article that Polycarp Ashu wrote for claims requests are ongoing for Mark Bareta to be extradited from Europe to Cameroon for trial:

“Officials claim Progress in the Request for Extradition of Mark Bareta to Stand Trial in Cameroon

 Mark Bareta

Sources at the Ministry of Justice indicate significant progress has been made on the paperwork for an official request to the Belgian Government for the arrest and eventual extradition of Mr Mark Bareta. Born on December 15, 1984 and descendants of Nso, in the North West Region of Cameroon, Mr Bareta who now resides in Belgium posing as a refugee student is been accused of promoting civil war, accomplice to destabilisation of the state and promoting acts of terror that had led to loss of lives in Bamenda, Ekona and Kumba. An anonymous source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reveal the state is not hurrying the process, despite the readiness of the State Prosecutor on accumulating wealth of evidence largely from online publications and forensic evidence from some arrests made in Buea on persons disseminating flyers calling for a ghost town, who revealed financial sponsorship from overseas including Belgium. The successful extradition of the ISIS inspired Cameroonian cyber-activist will be an asset in the country’s effort to thwart civil disobedience and prevent a civil war. Mr Bareta has been, in recent days, very boastful on his capacity to topple the state and has co-authored press releases insulting Cameroonians of French expression and fomenting a revolution…”

To read more see full article HERE

Mark Bareta responded saying:

“Mark Bareta to be extradited to Cameroun?.
So I was tagged on this post online. This article has been sponsored by Dr. Ernest Molua, one of the most Xenophobic person I have known in my entire life. However, articles like these does not deter me one bit. As far as I am concern, I was born for event like these. The struggle has been ordained by God and the struggle continues. We would respond accordingly later.” 

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