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Stanley Enow snobs Dynastie Le Tigre and disrespects Jean Kalagan?

Dynastie Le Tigre who recently collaborated with Camer’s favorite Bayangyi boy, Stanley Enow on his hit song ‘Prends soin d’elle’ was invited to Canal 2 Tv show, “C’ Comment” on the 19th of June this year. On his relationship with Stanley Enow he confidently said he and Stanley were friends even before ‘Prends soin d’elle’. Stanley Enow was invited to the same show that day the 25th of June 2015 and when asked about his collaboration with Dynastie he said Dynastie is not his friend. That their relationship was strictly on professional terms, and they met only on the set of the video for ‘Prends soin d’elle’. As a matter of fact he mentioned that he recorded his part of the song in Douala and Dynastie recorded his in Yaoundé where the song was mixed and mastered. The comedian, Jean Kalagan was on set and he tried to interrupt Stanley to infuse humour on the show as he always does but Stanley took out on him and said he doesn’t like him. His exact words to Jean Kalagan were: ‘Je ne vous aime pas’. On Sunday, the 19th of July on his Tv show Jambo, Tchop Tchop said Stanley owes Jean Kalagan an apology for his behavior. He also mentioned that Dynastie Le Tigre has confirmed that he would be doing a remix of ‘Prends soin d’elle’ with a certain French artist because he believes that Stanley’s behavior towards him is affecting the success of the song.

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