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Strange fire ravages G.H.S Limbe School Library

The administrative Block of Government High School Bonadikombo Mile Four Limbe and the school library have been brought down by wild fire.

Sources say the entire school library was reduced to ashes, while only part of the school’s five rooms administrative building was affected by the flames. School files, books, TV sets and a computer used in login students name for the GCE, were amongst content consumed by the fire in the school library.

No one is entirely sure about the motives of those who carried out the act, but speculations are high that it could be because students of G.H.S Bonadikombo have been going to school, contrary to the pro-ghost town agenda.

School Principal Mrs. Matute Dorothy said she received the disturbing call around 2:00 am from one of the school security guards, and upon her arrival on campus she met the building on fire.

The security guard on duty said he didn’t see anybody on campus, and was shock to see a sudden fire burning down the administrative building.

The Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Fako, Zang III, and the Divisional Officer for Limbe 1 arrived the scene at 3:00 am, to witness and contain the incident.

It should be recalled that at about that same time of the night on Sunday breaking Monday, 5 classrooms of Government Primary School Atuakom in the North West region of the country, were equally brought down by fire.

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