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Suspected Murderer Of UB Student Arrested

Following the recent death of UB student whose body was found on Tuesday June 27th, the police went into thorough investigation and caught the suspected murderer of Ekale Adele Elise (24) who happens to be her boyfriend.
The suspect’s names which we got as Betchem Armel Ghizlain was said to be the last person who saw Adele alive on on sunday. According to Armel Adele developed a cardiac arrest while they were together and died thereby implying he did not murder her.
He went further to confess that he has been traumatized since Sunday and have on several attempts tried to take his life but couldn’t.
In an earlier Facebook post he said, “My name is not Armel Bilo but Betchem Armel Ghizlain, I have never been violent towards her. I never planned to kill her. I loved her and will always love her and I love her every day. Five years of friendship and a year of relationship do you think I’m a cold monster? A heartless murderer? I have been thinking whether I should surrender or I should take away my own life.”
However, the family of the deceased have requested a police autopsy to determine the true cause of their daughter’s death. Meanwhile Armel is still under police custody.

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