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Symposium on African Coffee: Strong participation of stakeholders

Organizations and stakeholders in the coffee sector have debated, among several things, the value chain and the question of financing.

From February 7 to 10, 2024, the Ethiopian capital served as the setting for this meeting which is was held on the sidelines of the Annual General Assembly of the IACO (InterAfrican Coffee Organization).

“From what i am experiencing here in Addis Ababa, i am realising how important it is for Senior actors in the coffee business chain in my country Cameroon to train, excite and implicate youths in Coffee Business and other agricultural activities” Franck Olivier Tchakounte, Commercial Manager and Production Site Manager for Giccopacam S.A.

“I was suprised when i discussed with youth from Ghana, Abidjan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania. It is true we all have our realities but Organization and Stakeholders in Cameroon should start preparing for the transition now, I am talking here about coffee plant regeneration. People should learn and adopt being constanIy at the research of information.

“I dont understand how we keep observing continuous drop in production but a good number of farmers still refuse to train and adopt modern techniques. Today we talked again about the EUDR compliance. We should stay tuned and get ready. I think it is time for us the private sector to support our government in building a different set in people mind.”

The opening ceremony was chaired by the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Sale-Work Zewde in the presence of representatives of the Ethiopian government and member states, partners, ACRAM, ZLECAF, public and private sectors, members of the Diplomatic Corps and observers. The work will be structured around a high-level Forum around the theme: “The transformation of African coffee through the value chain”, under the moderation of Ambassador Ali Touré, permanent representative of Côte d’Ivoire with the International Commodities Organization in London.

The ministers will take advantage of this forum as part of interactive discussions to deliberate on policies and initiatives capable of contributing to the development of the sector in their respective countries. This is with the aim of achieving a common strategy aimed at bringing more added value to continental coffee. The force of the war The agenda for the first three days also includes presentations on the IACO and African coffee, sustainability and the planter’s day, the report of the study financed by Afreximbank: “Quick overview of the contours of financing for coffee African” presented by Abah Ofon, Senior Manager, Export Development Advisory, Afreximbank, Egypt.

Due to the remarkable contribution to the influence of the sector by women, the program includes a presentation on women and young people in coffee on the sidelines of the 63rd Annual General Assembly of the IOCA around the theme: “Promoting the expansion of African coffee: highlighting the innovative contributions of African women to advance the development of the African coffee value chain”.

The work which ended on Saturday February 10 was also marked by the appointment of the new leaders of the Organization for the coffee year 2024/2025 and the Awards ceremony. In the presence of numerous personalities including Abdoulaye Nana, Deputy General Director of the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (ONCC) in Cameroon, Enselme Ggouthon, representative of the Minister of Commerce and Crafts and Consumption of Togo.

The Cameroonian Delegation was composed of a representative of ONCC, MINADER, MINCOMMERCE and some members of the private sector. ⁩

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