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T B Joshua Reveals Prophecies For 2014!!! You Need To Hear What the Highly Acclaimed Prophet Of God Revealed!!

On the candle light service that took place on the 31st of Dec 2013 breaking 1st of Jan 2014, senior Prophet T B Joshua made the following prophecies concerning the year 2014 as revealed to him by God almighty:

  • 2014 Is going to be a year of destiny, where the will of God in people’s lives (Destiny) will be revealed. it will be different from  It will be a Bridge, so to cross it we will need to be prudent and grab unto faith in God.
  • In 2014, many Rich, famous and popular people will fall and many that are not known will rise, Individuals and nations alike. Since the year is a bridge which needs Faith in God to be crossed which most of these ‘Big’ people lack, they will fall. He mentioned that individuals should pray for ‘Great’ people who are dear to them to cross 2014.
  • One of these great people(Nation) he mentioned is Russia. He said there will be a huge war against them. Their leader will face opposition which might crush him.
  • Since most businesses are owned by these people, when they fall, their businesses too will crumble. He said especially in the Airline Industry. Those travelling by Air frequently will be handicaped by inavailability of planes. The Aircrafts existing are poorly maintained hence would break down and there will be no finance to put them back into circulation; hence the cause of the scarcity. As a result, the price of Air tickets will rise. This will happen in Africa:
  • He said we in Africa especially should return to farming, livestock and fishing. Those involved in these businesses will be successful. The minerals and natural resources overvalued will not be worthy.
  • For his Birth nation, Nigeria, he said a political party willl rise against APC and it will affect APC negatively. APC party members should be vigilant because many are part of them but are not with them. He mentioned that PDP will pay any price to unite but the issue of who will be the presidential candidate may not be resolved. What will happen in 2014 in Nigeria will resort to the correction of the corruption situation in the country because many corrupt leaders will go down. 
  • He said that we all are destined to lead as children of God and our dreams in the past will come true. We should not give up on God.

Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecies always come to pass. they are real and true. He said as the events approach he will emphasize on them. I will keep you posted. To see his track record as a prophet click:

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