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Tam Gaëlo releases mixtape titled; ‘Talent & Mastery sessions.’

Gaëlo is an artist (as well as producer) who is gradually
making a come up in the Cameroon music scene. He’s been consistently putting
out music for the past 10 months which were all in anticipation to the huge
release he recently did. Gaëlo has put out an epic 10-track mixtape titled,
“Talent and Mastery Sessions.” The title clearly explains what listeners should
expect while listening to the full project: “an individual who masters his
talent.” This mixtape is 100% hip-hop and will be very much enjoyed by lovers
of hiphop music. “Artists are out here putting out 2 or 3 songs a year. I, Tam
Gaëlo prides myself in putting out a full body of work in a year because full
projects like an album, EP or mixtape is what better defines the artistry level
of an artist” says Gaëlo. When listening to the tape, it’s important to listen
to it in sequence because it was sequenced that way for a reason; I know you
will enjoy listening to the full project and make sure to download a copy of it
if need be. Click to download the mixtape
You can follow/contact the artist: 
Facebook: The Gaëlo Outcome

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