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Tapang Ivo admits to using propaganda to fight for The Struggle!

A couple of days ago; one of the ‘interim leaders‘ of The Anglophone Consortium, Tapang Ivo posted a photo alleging that it was the photo of a boy who was killed in Mutengene by forces of Law and Order in altercations related to the Anglophone problem.

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A certain Facebook user fact checked the story and discovered that the photo Tapang Ivo used had been shared before by a Facebook user in Guinea Conakry; implying that Ivo either was misinformed or intentionally being manipulative.

Social Media picked up on the story and people took to Tapang Ivo‘s Facebook to call him out on the act and Ivo responded in a comment, saying “Propaganda wins. This is war.”

In another comment, he said “Who cares if false or not. We only care if such information wins for us. Does it win? If yes, go for it”

See screenshots below:

Cameroonian social activist; humanitarian and digital media media strategist; Kathleen Ndongmo spoke out on the issue saying:

“Recently Audu Maikori, a young Nigerian influencer and advocate with thousands of online followers tweeted a picture of the supposed killings in Southern Kaduna. He was alerted that the picture was fake, with all regret, he promptly took to his social media accounts to sincerely apologise for not verifying information before posting. Even after that, he was arrested by officials and detained, questioned then released as young people put pressure on government on his behalf.
It is not that the killings weren’t happening in Southern Kaduna. It is that mistakes like his can inflame the polity, inflict havoc and potentially cause disaster of epic proportions if care is not taken. Unlike Maikori, Tapang has refused to apologise and retract.

It is not that someone wasn’t reported shot dead in Mutengene. It is not that Tapang Ivo should not advocate or lead or play whatever role he has been “assigned” to. It is that we cannot allow our freedoms and equity to be obtained on beds of lies, hate speech, mind control and calls for indiscriminate acts of violence thinly veiled in rhethoric. Not when we have a demographic of people plagued with vulnerabilities metted on them by a government that has looted, pillaged and systematically failed them for decades. We cannot denounce and condemn Issa Tchiroma and applaud and uplift Tapang Ivo for the same “sins”.
We must be a generation that fights for their rights no doubt. But we must be a responsible generation.
What is wrong is wrong.”

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