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Tapang Ivo pens letter to president Paul Biya, in respond to newspaper who declared him ‘wanted’ by the republic of Cameroon!

Yesterday, a newspaper called Le Point Hebdo made headlines for declaring Tapang Ivo wanted by The Republic of Cameroon. Read all about it HERE.

Tapang Ivo took to his Facebook to respond to the news by writing a letter to President Paul Biya. He wrote:

Wanted by who? For a job I apply since since…?
– – – – – – – – – –
Mr Paul biya,
You can send the best of your journalists to vilify and demonizing me. But they will never show, studying or to present any evidence that I’ve never called to violence or asked for a regime change in Cameroon or Cameroon.
Never ask for a change of regime? Never call someone to pick up the weapons?
All my messages are on Facebook. Go to do some research about me for 10 years and beyond. I always was and has preached to good governance, the rule of law, democratic accountability. I am in favour unrepentant these values including positive peace.
You see mr. Paul, I’ve always defined journalism as the ability to be able to ask questions. What is the usefulness of a citizen in any country if he or she do not hold the power to the account? Some of your local french journalists have not every journalistic capacity and credibility. In fact, they are practicing pay-for-play or pay-for-publish.
You don’t peuviez succeed with your propaganda of denigration against this fight winner you call vaguely ” Revolution. ” a revolution against what? Against You? Fake! We should feed of lies to your fans little and decreasing.
You’re meaningless for us. In Truth, the fight is not against any human. Our Francophones remain our brothers and sisters. The fight is against the removal of universally accepted values, poverty, bad and bad governance in the west Cameroon and abuse manifesto of equal rights for all in a gangster “Unitary system”.
Do you know that even the francophones are the poorest in the country? I pity how they survived without roads, hospitals, better life, etc., for 34 years. Terrible and impossible!
Federalism will not benefit from you, me, them, us, us, them, etc..? You’re a thief, Mr. Paul.
Similarly, my people have the right to claim self-determination is an inalienable right. My people have suffered a lot of pain. We do not see that happen again. They must resist only you if you refuse to dialogue on their problemssssss+.
When the open dialogue with all parties concerned did she become a crime? According to the law which? Your right of hammurabi? Take a break!
Now, I see you’ve started setting the agenda of my arrest through your cheap and bad presentation of okra. With Artinal for titles like “wanted” is childish. Wanted by the who? In you the dictator local or the “Journal” for a job?
Grow up, Mr. Paul. Or if you are already great, then resign.
Violence can’t banish violence. Only love can do that. Darkness cannot drive out the darkness. Only the light can do that.
We are coming with the light to your darkness. We are coming with peace in order to rinse your violence. Are you shocked that our peaceful approaches could paralyse the whole country and make your soldiers terrorists without employment? This is the tip of the iceberg.
You see, Mr President, the difference between the french – cameroonian language and the anglophone Cameroon, it’s only if the French teaches how to follow direction like a sheep, British culture teaches us how questioned of power and responsibility of leaders.
How is it that we ” terrorists? ” we are freedom fighters of the dictatorship and tyranny.
My name is tapang ivo tanku. Hi my brothers and sisters for me bit that I forget.

This is what the newspaper reported about him:

Apparently the reports about him were not true, Tapang Ivo made another post correcting the journalist of the wrong information he wrote about him. This is what he wrote:

Terrible reportage. So all that front-page noise only for this lackluster write-up? Wow! Here are my corrections for that fake reportage:

1. Does Tapang live in Liberia, as the paper purports? 

My reaction: I worked as an expatriate — Head of Health Communications in Liberia — fighting Ebola with the UN and other international bodies between 2014 and 2015. Against all odds, I fought Ebola until Liberia was declared Ebola-free during my time there. 

Perhaps, the fake reporter has pulled out old information from my Facebook page on Ebola and made noise out of it. Yes, I fought for humanity as whole including preventing the deadly disease from reaching West Cameroon and Cameroun. Am I a terrorist? Do terrorists fight Ebola? Do terrorists save lives? 

Research a little about the project I coordinated on “Information Saves Lives” in Liberia. 

2. The fake reporter claims that I led the campaign to raise money to sponsor secessionist groups in West Cameroon. 

My reaction: Really? When was that? The “go fund me” was clearly for the purchase of Dr. Fontem Neba’s car that was burned at night by secret agents of President Paul Biya, it is alleged. By the way, when did it become a crime to raise funds for solidarity back home? 

Why did the paper not also state that I also led a campaign to raise more than a million FCFA to assist 10-year Ngando, a child in Bangone village who was born with a rare debilitating disease? As transparent as I am, I posted ALL the receipts on Facebook. They are still available for verifications. 

I knew it. The speed at which we raised the funds for Dr. Neba’s car sent a strong message to the gangster regime that our struggle is not a child’s play. 

3. The fake reporter also adds that we sent the money via the Western Union. Really? 

My reaction: Tell us the date and time and location where the money was picked up. Or are you assuming? This is a low-class gombo paper. 

The money is still held up in our account in one of the Western-based banks. Do you want me to show you a proof? I could gladly do so. In fact, the campaign is still open (see link below). 

Also, we will only withdraw this money when Dr. Fontem will be released from your dungeon. We are not thieves like some of the Biya regime members who steal funds allocated for public projects and ruin the lives of 24 million citizens. Most youths including our Francophone brothers and sisters suffer because of Biya’s bad governance, lack of the rule of law, and absence of democratic accountability.

So, Mr. “Journalist,” please, do your investigation again before spewing thrash. 

Le combat n’est pas francophone contre anglophone. Plutôt la mal gouvernance. 

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