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Tapang Ivo reveals secrets as he responds to The Consortium relieving him of his duties as interim leader!

After the video by Tassang Wilfred; programs coordinator of The Consortium declaring that the interim leaders are no longer in charge of The Consortium; Tapang Ivo, posted this message on his Facebook, in response to the decision taken by The Consortium, and the reaction of the public:
“The devil divides and not unite. The devil comes from within and not from outside. And after attempting to divide even the heart of what has brought this winning struggle this far, their last move will be to break up Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku (Tom and Jerry).
Once that is done, campaign bottles will pop from Etoudi to Nigeria and Washington in closed rooms behind public eyes.

We thought we gave in our best. Our best is not good enough, we now read, see and appreciate.
We thought we spent sleepless nights even long before Dr. Balla appointed us as the current interim leaders to preserve his jewel – – the Consortium – – until he returns, just like the master in the Biblical parable of The Talents in the New Testament. Now, it could be time to have a great rest and whiten our red eyes and mend our broken relationships.

We thought we preached unity, peace, perseverance, non-partisanship, identification as Southern Cameroonians and not as a political party or tribal affiliations. Well, we now see that old habits die hard. And a few are not ready for restoration of statehood and are ready to (mis)lead the masses who are ready to do so.

Divide, rule and ruin it tactic has always been the best tool in the hands of the Republic of Cameroun. The older you’ve lived in the system, the more you are likely to borrow this dubious practice and split what you are not supposed to split.

The 34-year system has taught youths that only the old could lead and not the youths. Well, let sit back, watch the Biyas lead us to jail while we grow there to “advanced maturity.”
Now, I have one advice for my poor and helpless generation. We make up 98 percent of the youthful generation. It is either we decide to lead ourselves out of bondage now, or we decide to be fooled again by a few old people who will not live long to feel our decades of pains, sufferings, marginalization, inequality, etc.

Youths, you have the jewel of Southern Cameroons in your hands. Take it.
Let me go to rest and enjoy the drama. It is time for a long holiday for me as some wanted. In the first place, I have never loved being a political leader and I have never hoped or nursed ambitions for political leadership.

This struggle will fail the day it becomes political, as I once predicted and cautioned long before I was appointed. This is not the time for party politics and tribal politics and age-related politics. I, therefore, think it was unwise for Dr. Balla to have handed over interim leadership to two “young youths” abroad and not the other way round.

After all, the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and NOT today.
I am only an academic and a humanitarian worker. I only pity Dr. Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba and Macho and Ayah. They should be crying in prison now seeing their vision hijacked by a few among us. I also pity the hundreds of youths who have been arrested because they volunteered to lead this struggle.

And is the problem all about money? Did we record all these HUGE successes with money? NO. How much, by the way? We are as broke as church rats but we’ve spent our private resources to push this far. And the CONSORTIUM is even more broke.
We turned down a life-changing FCFA 500 million from a former finance minister to end our social media impact.

What is the greed for money? Why all these go fund me accounts for this and that? Perhaps, that now explains why groups are created within existing groups since this winning struggle started. If this ebbs on, even after 1000 years, we shall be dancing on the same spot without achieving anything.
The social media is our last weapon to win this struggle. If you can use it, use it. And if we do not unite and stop unwanted tussle for leadership and greed, failure looms. And we will fail our future generations again.

In one of the best selling political science book, The Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes was right to say “the life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”
Stay blessed us ALL.

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