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The Cameroon Government launches the Green Mobility Project to combat congestion in Yaoundé.

January 24 2024 was a great day in the city of Yaoundé, as government authorities of the Center Region, and diplomatic authorities, came together to reveal the way forward on how to combat congestion, and ease movement, within the city of Yaoundé with a sustainable mobility plan.

The meeting which took place in Djeuga palace had as its top agenda; Yaoundé, and the safety of its population. Top officials who marked present were the Governor of the Center Region, The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, The Senior Divisional Officer of the Center Region, The Mayor of the Center Region, The Ambassador of the European union to Cameroon and equatorial Guinea, the representative of the German Ambassador to Cameroon, and the Ambassador of France to Cameroon.

All marked present to reveal the Green Mobility Project, which is a project that proposes various solutions that can be put in place to ensure that the population is safe from bad roads and accidents, which have claimed alot of lives in recent times.

They talked about improving on the quality of roads and movements of persons to avoid conflict between cars and pedestrians. They also talked about the planting of more trees in the city to help combat climate change.

One of the fundamental components of this project; which would cost nearly 120 billion FCFA, is the construction of a special route of 22 linear kilometers, for the circulation of 52 Bus Rapid Transits (BRT), on the Olembé-Central Post Office-Ahala, routes.

The project will be financed by Team Europe, the European Union, GIZ(German Corporation for International Corporation) and AFD(Agence française de développement).

These were the proposed solutions on how the areas with high rates of congestion can be solved.

The timeline set for the project is 2024 to 2028.

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